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Find cheap flights without fixed dates and destination

I'm currently planning a trip around the world to visit Canada and a bunch of countries in Asia.

I don't have any fixed dates, or even cities. I don't have a preferred order for the countries I want to visit. The cheapest and shortest route are what interest me.

Of course I could do it by hand, but I'd rather not spend hours on flights comparison.

Usually, I'd go with Google flights. It's a great tool. For a round trip ticket, their price comparator charts are super useful for finding cheap dates, but it falls short when you have a lot of destinations. It doesn't allow you to select whole regions (or at least countries), much less setting non-fixed dates.

Here are a few tools that can help you find the most optimised routes

Google Flights

  • Google Flights multi-destination mode sucks for this, as you can't explore different dates when on this mode.
  • However, in regular mode, it's still the best flight engine for finding the best dates between two destinations. You can also input a multiple airports (up to 5 I think) when doing the search.

Kiwi Nomad


  • You can add a length range for how long you want to stay in each destination
  • The ability to add a maximum durations for flights. I don't want to spend more than ~15 hours in a flight.
  • Can't add whole countries or even regions to destinations. I'll gladly go to Bali instead of Jakarta if it saves me 5h of flight or $500.
  • Compared to Panflights, I often get suggestions for flights longer than 15h. Thanks but no thanks.

Panflights' "optimized tour"


  • Tell it at least how long you want to stay in every destion
  • Support adding whole countries or even regions to your trips. Even better, you can add a radius around airports (in km)
  • Shitty out of date design, seems almost abandoned
  • This algorithm is actually good, and often most pertinent than Kiwi.

Right now, there isn't any perfect website answering this need. I'll keep this list updated with new tools I encounter.

I ended up using recommendations of the websites above and buying flights one by one on flightlist.io .  For some reasons the flights there were cheaper there than on Kiwi and Google Flights.

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